Subway® Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinets 2x10 Diagonal

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Bass Box Equipment: 2x 10" Custom Subway neodymium loudspeaker and adjustable high-frequency horn Power handling: 600 watts Light weight housing in Italian poplar plywood Impedance: 8 Ohm Tri-port bass reflex opening Black Bronco cover with Black Metal Grill Lexan plastic bags Slip cover Dimensions (H x W x D): 53.5 x 50 x 47.5 cm Weight: approx. 19.50 kg

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10 800,00 kr

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Full Details SUBWAY® ULTRA-LITE 2x10 BASS CABINET The 2x10 is the compact solution for players who prefer the midrange articulation and focus of 10s, but need a smaller option than the classic 4x10. Combining two allows a more portable solution than one heavier quad-box and the ability to take one for rehearsal or small venues and two for gigs with louder bands or in bigger venues. Using the 2x10 in combination with a 1x12 or 1x15 imparts color, articulation and iconic midrange punch along with more volume. Built with all the same woods, aircraft-style bracing and Tri-Port™ porting, the 2x10 Ultra-Lite brings another key voice to the modular approach in compact, lightweight Bass Cabinetry.

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