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Boss Dual Cube LX Guitarforstærker Utrolig alsidigt guitarforstærker Brugervenlig kompakt størrelse Stadig rigeligt med kraft med to 4'' højtalere Alle de fede funktioner Boss er kendt for Nem at have med på farten

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The Boss Dual Cube LX is a fully featured, portable desktop amplifier. It's designed to unchain you from power outlets and let you jam with complete freedom! Whether that's busking on the streets, partying at the beach, or just simply relaxing on the sofa, the Dual Cube LX is happy to accommodate. And even better, you're not sacrificing any audio quality for mobility, because with two custom designed four-inch speakers, you've got exceptional stereo fidelity and power despite its size. And those speakers will roar out a huge array of tones thanks to the eight selectable amp models and built-in effects, as well as delay / reverb. But that's not all! Complete with stereo input / output, you've got ample connectivity options for the ultimate in sonic flexibility. Whatever sound you're looking for, the Dual Cube LX can provide it. And it'll provide it wherever, and whenever you want…

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