NORD-WAVE2 61 keyboard 4-part synthesizer

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The Nord Wave 2isa powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples,FM and Wavetablewith an intuitivelayer-focusedinterface. With 48 voice polyphony, innovative performance features and hands-on controls,the Nord Wave 2offers outstanding sonic possibilities with advanced layeringand tweaking on the fly.

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The Nord Wave 2isa powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples,FM and Wavetablewith an intuitivelayer-focusedinterface. With 48 voice polyphony, innovative performance features and hands-on controls,the Nord Wave 2offers outstanding sonic possibilities with advanced layeringand tweaking on the fly. With 4 independent synthesizers in one the Nord Wave 2 offersexceptional possibilities for layeringboth classic waveforms and samples. DedicatedOLED displays for Program and Oscillator sections provide an excellent overview when shaping your sounds. The wide range of performance features andinstantly tweakable hands-on effects makes the Wave 2 our most versatile performance synthesizer ever. Monitor mode The new Monitor mode displaysyour settings for Amp Envelope and Filtersin the Program display for better overview and control. Layer section The Wave 2 features aProgram Layer section with faders for easily controlling the volume or pan for all 4 layerparts at once. The Layer section also provideshandy features forquick layer focus,pancontrol, solo and multi-editing. Oscillator section The Oscillator section for each of the 4 layersoffers 4modes: Analog, Wavetable, FM and Samplesand is easily browsed with our new direct category mode.The Oscillator Control features additional control overshape, sync or detune. Oscillator categories Analog:anextensive range of waveforms from classic analog to extended, harmonically rich new additions. Basic: Saw, Pulse, Pulse Width, Sine, Squarewith basic tuning controls. Shape: Waveforms where Osc Control willalterthe Shape of the waveform Multi: 2 or more waveforms combined where the Osc Control will adjust amount of detune and spread Sync: Soft and Hard synced configurations, where Osc Control controls Sync Frequency Noise: Whitenoise Samples:include high-quality samples from our Nord Sample Library 3.0 as well as the possibility to add your own custom samples using the Nord Sample Editor 3.Use the embedded samplepresets for instantly playable dynamic sounds or sculpt your own sound from scratchwith the "Raw Samp" mode. Wavetable:A large number of advanced wavetablescovering a wide range of tonal characteristics. FM2, 3 and4 operator configurations withharmonic and inharmonic variations. Unison The Wave 2 features a powerful multi-oscillator Unisoneffect with true Superwavessimultaneously generating hundreds of waveforms for extremely thick and fat sounds. COMPATIBLE WITH NORD SAMPLE LIBRARY 3.0 The Sample section has 1 GB of memory and comes loaded with a wide selection of quality samples including Strings, Brass, Guitars, Choirs, Chromatic Percussion as well as the exclusively licensed sounds of the legendary Mellotron and Chamberlin. All sounds are easily replaceable using the Nord Sound Manager. Create and transferyour own samples Adding your own customsample instruments has never been easier thanks to the new streamlinedNordSampleEditor3for Mac and Windows that lets youmap, loop and transfer samples to your Nord Wave 2 in a breeze. FILTER SECTION The Filter section has 6 Filter types featuring classic 12 and 24 dB Low Pass, a High Pass, High Pass/Low Passand a Band Pass filter, together with a stunning emulationof the transistorladder filterfrom the legendary Mini. The unique modeling of these filters captures the truecharacter and response of the classic analog instruments, allowingfor flexible and precise sound design.The Filter section is equippied with full ADSR envelope. LFO & MODULATION SECTION The Wave 2 features a dedicated LFO for each layerwith a choice of waveforms plusAD/ARModulation Envelope with dedicated velocity setting andInvert mode. The LFO has several morphable parameters and the rate can be synchronizedto the Master Clock. AMP ENVELOPE The Amp Section is equipped with a full ADSR envelope featuring a powerful new Transient Attack mode for adding more punch to your sounds. MORPHING AND IMPULSE MORPH The Wave 2 features an extensive range of morphable parametersthat can be controlled from four different sources:Velocity, Aftertouch, Wheel and Control Pedal. All morph sourcescan be quickly assigned to control multiple parameters simultaneously and the powerful Impulse Morph feature lets you instantly change any parameter of your sound. Wheel assign Instantly assign LFO, Oscillator Control or Filter to the Modulation Wheel. MASTER CLOCK The Master Clock of the Wave 2 allows the LFO, Arpeggiator and various effects to be synchronized, either internally or by anexternal MIDI clock.WithMaster Clock synchronization you can synchronize 4 layers with individual patterns, all perfectlyin sync with Delays and LFO's.A Tap Tempo allows you to easily tap to the tempo of a drummer or to playback tracks. EFFECT SECTION A separateEffectsection for each layerfeaturing a great selection ofinstantly tweakable high quality stereoeffects modelled after classic stomp boxes. Modulation Effects Tremolo, Pan, Ring Modulator, Chorus, Ensemble and Vibe effects with Rate and Amount control. All effects are controllable via Control Pedal (or other Morph sources)and canalso be synchronized to theMaster Clock for rhythmic effects. EQ & Drive EQ with Bass and Treble control - or 1 Band Sweepable EQ. A sparkling Tube Drive emulation is also available. Delay Advanced stereo Delay effect with Ping Pong mode, Analog Mode and Tap Tempo. New features include creative newFeedback optionsfor adding Ensemble, Chorus, Vibe as well asHP/LP and BP filter inthe Feedback loop. Reverb The Reverb section hasfivedifferent Reverb sizes (Booth,Room, Stage, Hall and new Cathedral)for adding some ambience to your sounds, and the amount is now morphable. New features include Bright and Dark modesfor either extended or reduced treble. The new Chorale effect adds a lush modulation effect. SPLITS AND LAYERS Having four identical, equally powerful synthesizers at once opens for exceptionallayering possibilities. The Split mode offersthree split points providing up to4 zones with optional crossfades.The flexible Hold functionality lets you latch and hold slots independently in the background while playing something else on top. SOUND MANAGER The Nord Wave 2 iscompatible with the Nord Sound Manager software for OS X and Windows. The Nord Sound Manager allows easy reorganizing, back-up and transfer ofprograms and is available for downloadhere. MIDI CONTROL The Wave 2 features the convenience of MIDI over USB for use with a sequencer or with the included Sound Manager software. KEYBED The Nord Wave 2features a 61-key (C-C)semi weighted waterfall keybed with Aftertouch. THE HARDWARE Like all Nord instruments, the Nord Wave 2 is handmade in Nord's Stockholm factory with incredible attention to detail and quality control.

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